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Storage Tips

Tips for protecting items in storage

  • Regularly open the container to improve circulation and ventilation
  • Leave a gap between your goods and the container walls to help ventilate the container.
  • Lay a plastic sheet or cardboard on the floor of the container to protect your goods
  • Cover your goods in a dust sheet.
  • Always place a protective cover over your soft furnishings.
  • Wrap pictures and mirrors in bubble wrap.
  • Always fully defrost and clean fridge, freezers & all white goods before storing them, ensuring they're free of water.
  • Make sure all appliances are cleaned properly before storage.

Tips for maximising space and locating items within your storage unit

  • Pack seasonal goods and frequently used goods at the front so they’re easily accessible
  • Place heavy or bulky items in the unit first to provide a good packing base
  • Stack your boxes, maximising your space, from the back of the unit and fill your space methodically towards the front.
  • Pack your items in stackable clear boxes so you can easily find something at a later date.
  • Label your boxes to easily identify the contents.
  • Secure your unit using the padlock provided.

Tips for storing vehicles & tools

  • Vehicles, machinery and all garden equipment should be cleaned and drained of oil and petrol before storing.
  • All vehicles and machinery should have cardboard or carpet placed beneath them while in storage
  • Use small ramps to get your vehicle into the container
  • Clean and dry tools and metals before storing. Wipe such items with a rag.

Use dust sheets where appropriate
Allow air circulation
Wrap delicate items carefully
Label your boxes!
Dry before storage

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